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Wanting to stay true to his local roots while merging his personal identity and art background, Joshua Hudson incorporated the history of his hometown, Paragould, along with a state-of-the-art locomotive design to create 464 Hudson Gallery and Gifts.  


One & Only

Paragould was founded by two railroad tycoons, Jay Gould and J. W. Paramore.  The name Paragould evolved by combining syllables from the names of the two railroad presidents - “Para" for Paramore and "Gould" for Mr. Gould, thus making Paragould a truly original name for an unusual town.

Where does 464 come in?

n 1926, Paul Kiefer took over as Chief Mechanical Engineer of Motive Power and quickly made a decision to create an experimental locomotive with rail wheels like no other. The 

4-6-4 represents the wheel arrangement of four leading wheels, six powered and coupled driving wheels, and four trailing wheels.

After the new train was produced and test, Kiefer went to see Pat Crowley who was the president of the entire NYC railway system. He asked Crowley what name the new locomotive should have, Crowley thought for a few minutes and then said "let's call her the Hudson” later being referred to as The 4-6-4 Hudson. 


The name fit perfectly for Joshua’s visions of combining his personal identity with the charm of small town history.  

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